MagMa mobile Q&A

I got a text message from MagMa, what does it mean?

A mobile card made with MagMa has been sent to you. The message includes a card activation link. Press the link in the text message and follow the instructions.

I received text message in to the wrong phone number. How can I get the activation code to the right phone number?

Please contact the card issuer and ask them to send new link in to the correct phone number.

When logging in, an error appears “Oops…Invalid username or password”

Check that you are logging in with your registered email address. After 10 incorrect attempts, the login will be locked, wait 10 minutes and then try again. If necessary, order a link to create a new password in your email “Forgot your password?” from the passage. Don’t forget to also check your spam folder if the message doesn’t seem to be coming.

I can’t see the mobile card?

Have you received text message from MagMa with activation link and activated card? Have you registered into MagMa with same mobile number where you received text message? If yes, then please contact the card issuer to solve the problem.

In other problems please contact card issuer.