Are you looking for a mobile card solution?

You came to the right place!

MagMa is an application platform with which you publish your own mobile card cost-effectively and quickly.

  • mobile card(s), with your own design, barcode and personal information
  • coupons
  • events
  • notifications
  • CRM
  • your business information, story and contact details and easy way to manage all that
  • API interface

With a browser-based interface, you take care of all this yourself when it suits you best!

Kivikova Kiekko-Espoo’s application is made by MagMa, check out and download from your application store and read more here.

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With MagMa turn your customers
to loyal customers
and make them buy more often.
For the organizations
MagMa is a powerful communication tool.


Accelerate sales with a variety of benefits, promotions, and giveaways and track conversions with a convenient browser management interface.


Tell about the attractive benefits and offers or inform abouts events directly to the cardholder’s smartphone.

MagMa is also a CRM.

MagMa is designed to help businesses and communities with a variety of loyalty and communications matters. It is an easy-to-use CRM that can enhance marketing and cut communication costs.

It helps to activate your membership and your loyal customers. It is a communication channel directly on people’s mobile phones and even suggests marketing efforts like a marketing manager.

There are two versions of MagMa. Choose the most suitable service



smart communication with loyalty customers or members

MagMa Wallet is a digital membership or loyalty card for your smartphone.

It provides a convenient alternative to customer identification along with a plastic card. The mobile card may also have a barcode or QR code that identifies the customer on the  smartphone.

The MagMa Wallet allows you to send offers and messages directly to cardholders. And again, as with both MagMa solutions, the cardholder is identified and real person. The MagMa Wallet is cost-effective.

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– your own native application to attract customers

Magma Application is both a mobile card, a CRM system and an intelligent marketing assistant.

MagMa also has the intelligence to propose a variety of campaigns to boost sales.

And again, as with both MagMa solutions, the cardholder is an identified and real person.

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